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Innomission 4 Pool 2

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The 30,000 characters cover the entire application, excluding attachments. I.e. all the chapters and text that is part of the main application template should be included in the 30,000 characters (incl. spaces). It is correct that the template is based on the Grand Solution template, but the IM4 applications should be shorter than in Grand Solutions.

Companies from outside Denmark can participate in the IM4 Pool 2 project. It is also possible for these organizations to get financing from IM4. See the following guidelines from IFD.

Guidelines Grand Solutions Innomission Partnerships 2021 #2.1: Any legal entity (such as an enterprise, a research institution or a public institution) in or outside Denmark, directly involved in the project activities, is eligible to apply or participate and receive funding from IFD. For details of the IFD maximum investment rates for the different types of participants, see Section 3 in the Guidelines Grand Solutions Innomission Partnerships 2021. One of the Danish project participants must act as the applicant organisation, and the project participants must in addition specify the person who, during the application process, acts as contact person between IFD and the project participants.

As your organization is already a partner in Trace, all the researchers in your organization can in principle submit an application. The call is NOT only relevant for the individual researcher from the organizations who already is a partner in Trace? The rule is per organization/CVR number and not per researcher.

For the Pool 2 projects, we follow the guidelines for Grand Solutions and Innomissions. See the link below. Which means that for the universities, a minimum of 10% co-financing is expected, or in other words maximum of 90% financing. The rest can be contributed by other partners, if this is not possible then the universities can contribute more to co-financing.

You can find the guidelines and more information about which rules apply to the different types of organization participating in the project here

For the IM2 Pool 2 projects, we follow the guidelines for Grand Solutions and Innomissions. This means that it is possible for companies to have the expenses covered by Innomission4/Innovation Fund Denmark.  Which % is covered and which part the companies have to finance themselves depends on the type of organization and the size of the company.  

You can find a table (page 5) with funding rates for the different types of organizations, guidelines, and more info about the rules that apply to Pool 2 here

Here you also have the link to the call text. Under section 5 you can find much more information about the process for Pool2, assessment criteria etc.