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About Textiles

T4 – Sewbott has focus on development of automated clothing production as a means to deliver close-to-market products in small-scale volumes and T1 – MCC Fashion that has focus on development of more diverse fit and sizing schemes and collection strategies that are user-led and based on body-scans and multiple user study data both favor SMEs and small entrepreneurs dominating the Danish fashion sector and the individual brands of larger fashion companies and through enhanced production technology and collection strategies will enable the sector perform better economically by reducing shipment from production countries, and reducing returns.

Furthermore, the submitted projects demonstrate how primarily industrial textiles deadstock from public procurement and the interior sector can be funneled into take-back activities such as in T2 – CircularTEX that with pilot tests showcases close-to-market-and stakeholder-led circularity strategies for repurposing on B2B and B2C level.

However, all the products already on the market are not traceable and thus the project T3 – Blockchain, IoT & Resale aims to analyze existing data and user behavior to inform current market players and data for building up valid LCAs, certification schemes and policy on clothing longevity.

T5 – One Textile Direction will focus on establishment of a circular Danish value chain for textiles, will identify, develop, and mature technologies for transport optimization, automated sorting systems, fiber-to- fiber recycling and will include design for sorting and sustainable use, reuse, and end-of-life handling of work wear and thus in many different ways relate to the other projects in the track.