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About Common

The project C2 – Circularity of plastics and textiles in the healthcare sector (CircleHealth) spans the entire value chain and has links to the three other projects. C2 focuses on reducing plastic consumption in the healthcare sector, through all steps of the value chain.

One aspect of this relates to innovation of new products as alternatives to current single use products, and C2 , therefore, links to C4 – Regulation for Promotion of CE, where focus is on regulatory barriers. 
C3 – Mattresses 3 Reuse and Recycle Systems, a pilot to scale (M-RRS)

C3 aims at ensuring a higher recycling rate of mattresses from, among other sources, hospitals, and other public sectors. This increased recycling/reuse of products used in the public sector link C3 and C4, and C3 is furthermore relevant in this context. C1 – Sorting plastic and textiles using AI driven sensing solutions  focuses on improving waste sorting through AI.

This will greatly benefit sectors with high and diverse waste productions, such as the public healthcare sector in focus in C2. Using AI in waste sorting is still in its infancy and apart from technical barriers there might be regulatory barriers that has to be addressed. In this sense there is a potential for synergy between